Deshler, Ohio

We PROCLAIM a changeless Christ FOR a changing world!!!

©  Are you looking for the certainty of salvation based on God's promises instead of man's opinion?

©  Need an anchor in the sea of the moral uncertainty in our time?

© Looking for a church that proclaims God's Word in all its truth and purity?

Then Peace Lutheran Church is the church for you!  Peace and its members are ready to serve you and include your family as a part of their Christian family.

We pledge ourselves to serve you by providing...

   # 1.  Christian Education for all ages

We offer a complete Sunday School program (8:45 A.M.) for ages 3 - 18 using ©Christ Light, a complete Sunday School curriculum from Northwestern Publishing House,  soundly Biblical and designed to share a life giving application of Law and Gospel.  Classes are held all 12 months of the year.

Adult Bible Studies are provided at both 8:45 A.M. and 11 A.M. on Sundays.  Additional Bible Studies as announced throughout the year.

Bible History and instruction in Luther's Small Catechism for grades 1 - 9
   (Held on Wednesdays September through April at 4:20 P.M.) ...

In addition to this we offer adult instruction in the basics of the Christian Faith.  This is where

  # 2.  Worship Services - 9:30 A.M. Every Sunday
    Our time to honor our God in giving Him worship and praise is precious to us.  A heart that knows its Savior and Lord desires to worship and give thanks to God who has made us, and redeemed us, and still preserves us.
    We take the traditional liturgical approach to worship even as the Church has from ancient times.  While basic worship is essential and all but timeless we realize that our times do change and the topics of discussion will be applicable to life today.  That is why we proclaim - "A CHANGELESS CHRIST TO A CHANGING WORLD."
  #3.   Teachings firmly grounded in the infallible and inerrant Holy Scriptures.
    We are careful to maintain the integrety  of the Holy Scriptures.  Therefore we do not insist on any one translation of the Bible.  Instead, as the Lutheran Church has always done, we rely on careful exegesis of the original languages from the older manuscripts of the Bible.
    For our Sunday School Programs we do use the ©New International Version of the Holy Bible.  Yet, we find the language of the Authorized Version (King James Version and ©New King James Version) of the Bible to be best suited for public worship.
    We also hold to a full subscription to the Lutheran Confessions as contained in the Book of Concord of 1580.
If you have any questions concerning our church, we will be glad to answer them.  Simply send an e-mail message to



and we will be very glad to respond. 
Do join us each week
as we honor our God and 
rejoice in the salvation of our Lord, 
Jesus Christ.
We are located at the corners of County Road G and Township Road 5 in Henry County just 6 miles northwest of Deshler, Ohio.

Call us at (419) 274-2996

Light up your life with the Savior today!!!
John 8:12


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