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The above images are of DT&I Caboose #142

A little about me.

I recently graduated from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. I Bachlor of the Arts in Accounting with a minor in Computer Science. I am now employed with M&S Manufacturing Company in Hudson, Michigan. I am a Computer Programmer/Analyst for M&S.

Why all this about railroads?

I greatly enjoy model railroading. I mostly use HO scale, but have purchased some N scale also. I am trying to paint and detail my own DT&I engines and cars, since there are not many out there on the market cast in the DT&I railroad name. If you have or know of any, please email me at: Please no spam. Thank you.

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This is my favorite image. The bicentennial commemorative DT&I Locomotive. I like this one because I was born in 1976 and enjoy collecting anything from the bicentennial year.

Here is a link to a good DT&I Page.THE DT&I HISTORICAL PAGE
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DT&I Horn wave file

My ModelRailRoading Page
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